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“It is so critical to have a firm like Mantra whose staff not only thinks outside the box but turns the box upside down and around....tremendously creative, innovative and fun to work with.”

— Douglas Pinter, Owner
Portico West

About Mantra, Empowered Public Relations

When a mantra is repeated over a period of time, it alters perception, and that’s exactly what an effective public relations campaign does. So says Gaye Carleton, president and founder of Mantra Public Relations.

Mantra Public Relations is a boutique PR agency with big ideas, expertise and media contacts. From the performing arts to politics, travel to technology, beauty to business and beyond, Mantra’s clients span a wide range of industries and have a variety of needs.

Celebrating 25 years as PR agency founder and publicity guru, Gaye Carleton says, “As strong generalists, we’re more able to cross-promote and enhance the visibility of our clients, thus pushing the boundaries of any given industry.”

For example, she cites uFunction, a small, high-tech apparel company that she placed stories about in Seventeen, Teen People and the New York Daily News. “I knew there was a market in the fashion and accessories media, certainly,” Carleton adds, “but there were so many more opportunities—in the technology and business press, for instance. We were able to tap our media contacts and get the stories into the right hands.”

“Measurable results” is Gaye Carleton’s mantra, and the proof is in the media coverage. Recent placements include the New York Times, CNN, CNNfn, Fortune, Forbes, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Crain’s New York Business, Investor’s Business Daily, The Today Show, “O” The Oprah Magazine, National Public Radio, and many, many more.

In the past 25 years, the agency has grown tenfold. What has accounted for such growth?

Carleton says public relations has come of age. “Nowadays, companies realize that public relations is critical to their success. It used to be that savvy business owners wouldn’t consider being in business without an attorney and an accountant. Today, you can add PR specialist to that mix.”

Carleton adds, “Firms used to see PR as a quick fix. But PR is not quick, and it’s not meant to fix anything.”

Through balanced and centered publicity campaigns, the true purpose of public relations is to increase visibility and raise consciousness, which then enhances credibility and ultimately impacts the value of a person, product or company.

“But like any real transformation,” Carleton says, “don’t expect that to happen overnight.”

Mantra’s particular brand of public relations is rooted in the firm’s belief in honoring the PR process. Mantra incorporates such elements as discovery, authenticity and the power of attraction into everyday business to shift public perception.

With Mantra’s experience, creative enterprise and flair for the dramatic, clients are empowered to achieve their highest level of success.
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