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“Mantra offers personalized attention... and has successfully promoted our firm's president as a sought-after television guest personality... We highly recommend this accomplished team.”

— Loreen Lewis, Marketing Director
Robert J. Reby & Company

What Can Public Relations Do for You?

The Benefits of Publicity and Public Relations

You may be wondering, why invest in a public relations campaign? Is publicity really for me or my company? What can public relations do for me?

From effective public relations, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  1. Enhance your sales. Increased exposure in the media makes people want to find out more about you, your company and your products and services.

  2. Position you as an expert in your field. When you are quoted by the media, your expert opinion can put your name, and your company’s name, in the spotlight. Public relations will build your reputation and earn you credibility with clients and potential clients.

  3. Increase visibility. Once you begin to appear in the media—quoted in articles, on television, on radio—potential clients and customers will begin to associate you and your company as a leader in the field. Why? Because they saw you or heard you or read your name in the media.

  4. Get product reviews. Whether it’s a product placement in Vogue’s holiday special issue or a New York Times book review or a feature article on your service in USA Today, nothing beats objective reviews by independent third parties for credibility. Reviews also help your sales efforts.

  5. Increase your perceived worth. Whether you are a public company or a private company, media placements—interviews on radio and TV and in print—increase your perceived worth, and the worth of your company, in the eyes of your customers, clients and your industry. All because of media exposure.

  6. Tell your side of the story. Politicians aren’t the only ones who have opinions on issues. In every industry, including politics, there are issues that need to be aired. If your competitor tells one side of the story, public relations makes sure you voice your opinion. Having an opinion is especially effective in industry trade media, where you’ll reach your niche audience.

  7. Outwit your competition. How often have you seen a guest being interviewed over and over again, even though their products or services aren’t necessarily the best in the business? That’s effective public relations. Shouldn’t you be quoted in articles and interviewed on TV and radio so you have a leg up on your competition?

  8. Avert a crisis. There are times when bad things happen to good people. How do you manage a crisis? With persistent, consistent public relations. “Tell the truth, tell it all, tell it fast,” is Gaye Carleton’s motto for crisis management.

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