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“Mantra [does] a stellar job for us...They aren’t just professional...they take ownership of [our account]...and go...beyond the call of duty. We highly recommend their services.”

— Ken Tamplin, CEO New Game Media
— Daize Shayne, World Champion

What Our Clients Have to Say

It’s no secret: Public Relations is most effective when others do it for you. So with that in mind, here's a sample of what people are saying about Mantra, Empowered Public Relations:

“Gaye and her team were the perfect partners for our public relations effort. Mantra went beyond our expectations in offering us personalized attention, creative ideas and eloquent written materials for our public awareness campaign. Mantra is sophisticated, savvy, fun to work with and gets the job done.”

— Megan Kelleher, Founder


“Because of the dedicated professionals at Mantra Public Relations, not only was our U.S. press tour a success, we've also been able to establish ongoing and valuable industry dialogue with key IT journalists, editors and product reviewers.”

— Michael Helander, Lavasoft, AB


“Mantra Public Relations offers personalized attention, business strategy and service, uses its extensive network of experts to promote our company, and has successfully promoted our firm's president as a sought-after television guest personality. Since we hired Mantra, our President regularly appears on CNNfn and been featured in Fortune, Business Week and Investor’s Business Daily, Associated Press, plus a host of other media. When our President wrote a book, Retire without Worry, Mantra handled all the book publicity as well as the ongoing corporate public relations. We highly recommend this accomplished team.”

— Loreen Lewis, Marketing Director
Robert J. Reby & Company


“Knowing that your PR firm and its representatives are passionate about you as a client builds the best kind of confidence. The reciprocal confidence I share with the team at Mantra means that I never have to doubt that they have my best interests at heart. And I can trust that their enthusiasm and sincere faith in me, my products and services comes through in every interaction they have with the media on my behalf.”

— Dana Edison, Author and Yoga Expert
Radius Yoga, LLC


“Mantra provided creative, wise, consistent and effective PR for our artists, and made us feel like family in the process. I highly recommend this agency.”

— Jana Herzen, CEO
Motema Music


“When we started our search for a publicity firm, we purposely set out to find a company with a proven background in a variety of industries. Our clients, a rock band from Europe, were about to embark on their first national tour of the United States, and the phrase ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’ haunted us. We knew it was critical that the band not fall through the cracks at any number of larger music promotions company. We wanted promotional efforts to be organized and facilitated by an agency that understood our goals, was empathetic to our clients’ needs, could help formulate newsworthy press materials and generate interest about our clients across a variety of mediums.


“Mantra did all of this in spades! First, they demonstrated a clear understanding of our unique situation and helped us solidify our message and vision. Then, they took on the task of coordinating traffic between label, management, radio promoters and tour crew. Their professionalism and leadership in arranging radio and print interviews during the tour was seamless, and communication throughout was consistent and concise. However, what made this experience most worthwhile was the manner in which these efforts were conducted. Throughout the entire campaign there was an intangible element that could best be described as a kind of ‘karmic calmness,’ the presence of a certain tone that put everyone at ease. Anyone can buy services and expect to get what they’ve paid for, but it’s always the intangibles that provide the true value. We would enthusiastically recommend Mantra Public Relations without hesitation, and will certainly partner with them again on future projects.”

— Lance LaBreche, Artist Manager
In Good Faith Entertainment, Ltd.


“Gaye Carleton and her team at Mantra do a stellar job for us here at New Game Media. They aren’t just professional about our account, they take ownership of it as if it is their own. They always go well above and beyond the call of duty and combine that with tremendous follow through. We highly recommend their services.

— Ken Tamplin, CEO New Game Media
— Daize Shayne, World Champion Surfer/Actress/Musician


“[This company] is to be congratulated in quickly getting to the core of company issues and swiftly turning them into a well-orchestrated public relations campaign that is fun, newsworthy, timely and, most importantly, effective. I would recommend Gaye Carleton and her team to anyone who is looking for dedicated professionals who know their way around the media.”

— Christine Butt
Elizabeth Arden


“The team at Mantra quickly grasped our value proposition and helped craft a message for several of our targeted media outlets. The results not only were spot on, but fast; within the first few weeks our team was participating in interviews with the New York Times and CNBC. Thanks for an awesome partnership!”

— Chris Hoffmann, COO and Senior Analyst
Tier 1


“Many, many thanks for helping us launch The Ultimate Wish Book into the world. We are very grateful for your support and it has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you. I’ve referred several people to Mantra, and we will continue to recommend you highly.”

— Melanie Calitri Holden, Author
The Rekindering Company


“It is so critical to have a firm like Mantra whose staff not only thinks outside the box but turns the box upside down and around. The Mantra team is tremendously creative, innovative and fun to work with.”

— Douglas Pinter, Owner
Portico West


“Gaye Carleton is creative, skillful and dedicated. Those qualities all in one place are a rare find!”

— Michelle Passoff, Author
Lighten Up! Free Yourself from Clutter

“I have worked with Mantra on several occasions when bringing my artistic work from the UK to New York. I have found Gaye and her team to be courteous, hard-working and successful in raising my profile in the USA. Perhaps the most important thing I can say is that I continue to work with them, and that's because what they do, works. I recommend them most highly and unreservedly.”

— Barb Jungr
British Performer


“My experience working with Mantra was a complete pleasure. The firm’s skilled team is professional, smart, enthusiastic and tenacious. And, I got amazing results beyond my expectations!”

— Susan Barron


“It is a pleasure to work with Mantra, Empowered Public Relations. The energy level is invigorating and very positive. I always feel as though we are all part of a team effort when working together. They are responsive, professional, a delight to work with and - best of all - they get results!”

— Florynce Bronstein, President
Events Around the World


“Unanswered phone calls have been the bane of my existence, but [this agency] can put even the most steadfast of screening personnel on the ropes. They jab and parry and otherwise persist like a cocker spaniel pulling on your trousers, until magically the receptionist waves the white flag, and puts the call through. Damn it. Nobody is safe.”

— Peter Hoffman, Manager
Kerry Kearney Band


“Because of Mantra’s creativity, persistence, and professionalism, and Gaye Carleton's ability to always be on the cutting edge of what is happening in the marketplace, my business grows 20 to 30 percent each year.”

— Marge McGowan, President
Women in Business Network


“My business, Voice Success, has increased tenfold since I hired [the company]. I was optimistic that a p.r. firm could increase my profile, but I had no idea Gaye Carleton and her staff would get such fast results. Within 3 months of hiring her firm, I appeared on 3 television news shows, got written up in 3 newspapers, appeared in Family Circle magazine, and got mentions in various newsletters from around the country. She knows how to work the media on the phone, in person, and on the Web. It’s the perfect PR firm for my business in the 21st century.”

— Anna Bernstein, Founder
Voice Success


“[This agency] cares about its clients.”

— Ray McKenzie, President
Zero Hour Records


“I never understood the value of public relations especially for my kind of business until I worked with Mantra. The results were better than I hoped for.”

— Jane Caryl, President
Recruiting Intelligence


“This PR agency takes the anxiety out of publicizing a crucial event and handling the press throughout. I felt completely confident that all the details were being tended to and no one important was slipping through the cracks.”

— Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Marilyn's Room


“You think you can be an artist and make a living still doing your own PR? BULL. I've dragged Gaye Carleton & her staff in all kinds of directions from press kits to record parties to news releases to radio promo to industry rep calls. I've made hairpin turns, improvised off the cuff, and gotten totally anal on the details. [The agency] has been right there all the way, getting the job done with polish, showing the world that I'm not just another pudknocker whimpering outside the moguls' doors. You wanna play this game, you gotta put up a professional front, and that means relying on somebody you can trust, who knows the difference between what works and what pegs you as an amateur. That's why I stick with [them].”

— Dan Krimm
The Dan Krimm Ensemble


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