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“[Mantra] is to be congratulated in quickly getting to the core of company issues and swiftly turning them into a well-orchestrated public relations campaign that is fun, newsworthy, timely and, most importantly, effective. I would recommend Gaye Carleton to anyone who is looking for a dedicated professional who knows her way around the media.”

— Christine Butt
Elizabeth Arden

How We Can Help You

How Mantra Can Help You

Selecting a PR firm to can be a daunting process. To help you better understand your options, Mantra Public Relations explores with you the possibilities of what public relations can provide for you, your company, your product or service.

This is the first step in assessing your publicity options.

  1. Identify your distinction. What is your distinction? What separates you, your company, products or services from your competition? Mantra works with you to assess and highlight these vital strengths so they can be effectively communicated to and through the media.

  2. Assess your budget. What can you afford to spend on public relations and publicity in order to achieve your goals? What will it cost? Mantra works with you individually to help you determine a reasonable budget to achieve your goals.

  3. Set a strategy to achieve your goals. Publicity overlaps with marketing, sales promotion, special events and customer and employee relations for the best results. Maybe a press conference is right for you to introduce a new product. Maybe a special event is the way to go to spotlight your cause. Mantra helps you plan to make the most of your publicity options.

  4. Identify the scope of your PR campaign. Perhaps you have an international company that sells products directly via your Web site. Or you offer legal services in Wisconsin only. Local, regional, national and international media are all at Mantra’s fingertips. Together, you and Mantra decide what’s best for you in what time frame.

To schedule a complimentary public relations consultation with Gaye Carleton, president of Mantra, Empowered Public Relations, click here.

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What happens next?

Once your publicity campaign begins, you’ll start with a publicity plan that Mantra and you will use as the basis for all action…and assessing measurable results.

  1. Your best qualities. What are your best qualities? What do you excel at? What’s the best way to speak to the press about what matters most? Mantra works with you to assess and highlight your strengths. For each publicity campaign and press pitch, you’ll have a list of talking points so you’ll never fumble when speaking with a journalist.

  2. Your press kit. Your professionally written and produced press kit—including a press release, biography of you and/or your top company principals, and company backgrounder—will reflect the best light on you, your company and your products to position you for success. Mantra takes it all in hand; you simply approve the materials.

  3. Trend-spotting. The Mantra staff reads hundreds of newspapers and magazines, watches hundreds of TV shows and listens to hundreds of radio shows…all so you don’t have to. Mantra knows where you, your product or your company will fit in with news and features that are important within your industry. Mantra jumps on trends with your press kit in hand.

  4. Individualized publicity pitches. Each time Mantra makes a phone call on your behalf or sends an e-mail or press kit, it is with an individualized pitch that focuses on why you are the perfect match for the journalist’s story.

  5. Individualized database of media. For each publicity campaign Mantra undertakes, an individualized database of media outlets is tailored specifically to your campaign goals.

  6. Follow up follow up follow up. Persistence is the key to obtaining media placements. Mantra works the phones on your behalf, to get you the visibility and media coverage you deserve and that defines effective public relations.

  7. Measurable results. Each month, you receive a comprehensive report on your publicity campaign and the progress Mantra has made toward achieving your goals.
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To schedule a complimentary public relations consultation with Gaye Carleton, president of Mantra, Empowered Public Relations, click here.


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