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“Because of the dedicated professionals at Mantra Public Relations, not only was our U.S. press tour a success, we've also been able to establish ongoing and valuable industry dialogue with key IT journalists, editors and product reviewers.”

— Michael Helander
Lavasoft, AB

Why Mantra?


Even after weeks of research, consultations and due diligence, choosing the best PR partner may still seem like a roll of the dice.

Here's why we’re different from all the others in all the right ways.

The Generalist Approach
Mantra Public Relations is a boutique agency with an impressive 25-year history of creating original, effective PR campaigns. Our strong generalist approach—Mantra's primary distinction among thousands of PR firms, both large and small—crosses typical media boundaries to identify a broader forum for its diverse entertainment, lifestyle and business industry-specific PR clients.
Senior-Level PR Specialists Are At Your Service
Mantra's inventive philosophy, customized method and staff of "senior only" PR specialists ensure crisp campaigns that produce measurable results with maximum benefits.

Our small staff is made up of senior-only PR people, so clients can rest assured that no intern or junior executive will be handling (or mishandling) their accounts.
Individualized PR Campaigns and PR Goals
Because Mantra Public Relations doesn't specialize in any one particular industry, clients never have to worry about being part of a "formula" PR campaign. And because Mantra's clients are active in so many fields, they don't compete with one another for precious media coverage—unlike the clients of a "specialized" PR agency.
Creativity Fuels Your Successful PR Campaign
Mantra PR is known for creativity. The Mantra PR team has the soul of an artist and the spirit of an entrepreneur. At Mantra, there is no such thing as a "PR template." Your PR campaign is creatively fashioned and tailored to what's best for you and your company.
Expert Positioning
We're experts in the "art of positioning." Perception is all, in shaping what we think, know and feel. Even the arrangement of facts helps us perceive what we want others to see—and that's positioning.
Trend-Spotting: Intuition Goes Hand in Hand with Analysis
The Mantra PR team is ultra-intuitive. We help the media and the public discover" our clients in an authentic way. Combined with constant, consistent attention to the news and issues of the day, the Mantra team is able to spot trends, analyze data and put the information together in service of your PR account.
An Informed Approach to the Media 
We read newspapers, we watch TV, and we listen to the radio. We use Google alerts, read blogs and tweet. By staying informed about the news and issues of the day, Mantra gives you intelligent entrée to the media.
Real Relationships with the Media
Mantra's media relations are based on real relationships. We know our media contacts, what kinds of story ideas they like and what they want. We understand the needs of the national, regional and trade media inside and out, and have strong working relationships with editors, journalists, producers and reporters at hundreds of media outlets nationwide.
Close to the Action
We sit in the middle of the media capital of the world, New York. It's doesn't get any better (or closer to the action) than this.
Hard Work Pays Off in Measurable Results
We're old-school about hard work. We never take shortcuts or the easy way out.
A Boutique Firm Gives You Quality Attention
As a boutique agency, we're well versed in giving "small company" kinds of attention, and that's not easily found at other PR firms regardless of their size.
The Media Respects Mantra Professionals
Mantra's team of professionals is respected and respectful. And, we're also fun to work with because we are always mindful that this is PR not ER.
Your Message Gets Heard by the Media
We know how to cut through the clutter to get our clients' messages heard.
Social Media Savvy
We're social-media savvy, but rooted in the real world and focused on traditional media.
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