7 Reasons Advance PR Plans Fail

Gaye Carleton/October 11, 2019/PR

We’ve been in the PR business for 30+ years and during that time we’ve written hundreds of

advance PR plans for potential clients needing reassurance that they were selecting the best

PR partner, or believing the preliminary plan was an expected part of the due diligence process.

Whatever their reasons, I can tell you this. We have NEVER created an advance PR plan that

actually matched the campaign we ultimately rolled out for the client.

Here are 7 reasons why advance PR plans fail:

  1. Expectations change.
  2. Products change.
  3. Client teams change.
  4. Figuring out the right message takes time.
  5. New information opens up new possibilities for success.
  6. Goals are refined or redefined throughout the PR process.
  7. Social media is skittish.

So, what *can* potential clients do to be assured they are choosing the right PR partner?

  1. Openly discuss your goals, timeframe and budget.
  2. Be forthcoming about any concerns you may have.
  3. Ask the hard questions.
  4. Trust your instincts.
  5. Remember chemistry counts.
  6. If you still need a written takeaway, request a one-page summary of campaign goals andpossible associated actions. Should you ultimately retain the agency, this document can be foundational for future in-depth planning sessions that do lead to real results.