It’s Never Too Late to Say “I’m Sorry”

When it comes to saying “I’m sorry,” sooner is always better, particularly in the PR world. But just because 50 years may have passed since a regrettable incident, statement or stance occurred, it doesn’t mean an apology still isn’t necessary.

The Most Critical Element in Public Relations

People often ask me why I chose the name Mantra for my PR agency when I rebranded the company, originally known as Carleton & Company Public Relations. My answer is this: When a mantra is repeated over time, it alters perceptions, and that is exactly what a strong PR campaign does. It directs our attention, heightens awareness and informs our opinions, attitudes and beliefs.

What Makes an Effective Pitch (And It’s Not What You Think.)

Crafting an effective media pitch involves storytelling, but in an abbreviated way and always with the all-important strategic hole. Once you’ve determined what and to whom you will be pitching, identifying the critical timeliness component, and run it through the “why this, why now?” test to prove its newsworthiness, it’s time to start telling the story. But wait…